Girls Leading Girls runs soccer and leadership programs for girls ages 5-18 years old because girls who participate in sports have increased levels of self-esteem, are happier, less likely to engage in dangerous or harming behavior, and learn the value of teamwork and overcoming adversity.” (Women’s Sports Foundation)


Why Girls Soccer?

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Girls Leading Girls focuses on women coaching girls in soccer and leadership.  While the ranks of lady coaches at the top is well known, Jill Ellis for the U.S. Women’s Team, we believe there is opportunity for more women to coach younger girls.  We’re building a system of training, motivation, team governance, and game strategy that fits the needs and differences of girls.

Girls are different.
From how they’re encouraged, to how they train, to how we work to prevent their injuries, Girls ARE different. Our programs cater to the unique needs of girls to help them thrive.

Girls learn better from Girls.
We have nothing against men or dads coaching young women, but we believe that female role models can relate to what girls are going through as young women and as growing athletes.

Coaches matter. A lot.
They are the back-bone of our organization so we work hard to train them, retain them, mentor them and treat them as the professionals they are. From starting as Junior Coaches to Assistant Coaches to Head Coaches.

The Player-Coach relationship matters.
While not always possible, we strive to keep the same coach and assistant coach with our girls from year to year. Sure change is necessary sometimes, but we’ll do our best to keep coaches and teams together. If a coach does leave, and we can promote an assistant to head coach – we’ll count that as a big win.

Well managed teams rock.
Team Manager, though a volunteer parent, is very, very important.  When they get it right kids show up on time, in the right place, the team feels like a community, and the coaches focus on coaching.  So we work with Team Managers, “train” them, meet with them regularly, communicate efficiently so that everyone wins.


The Girls Leading Girls coaching philosophy is to inspire young women to grow through sports while learning the value of discipline, teamwork, effort, and leadership. Most coaches say it’s not all about winning and that skill development is their motto. We agree with this however, additionally our goal is to teach life skills, keep girls in the game, and build up their confidence on and off the field to become leaders in their communities. We are not ‘win at all costs’ coaches, instead it is important for children to understand life’s lessons and to learn from their mistakes in a safe and open environment.
— Brianna Russell, Director

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