Girls Leading Girls Positions

We are hiring! 

Part-time Program Assistant and part-time coaches!

Program Assistant

Position: Girls Leading Girls Program Assistant

Location: San Francisco

Hours: 20 hours a week, with required hours of 3:30-6:30pm 4 days during the week and one weekend day

 Start Date: August 2017 for one year minimum commitment

About Us

Girls Leading Girls is a 501c3 nonprofit that trains young women in leadership and life skills through soccer. We work with over 250 girls every year on and off the field providing team play, camps, clinics, conferences, workshops. This year we are expanding to Oakland, CA and Nicaragua! We are looking for a passionate self-started to join our San Francisco team.

Position Statement

Every staff supports the mission of the non-profit Girls Leading Girls: to train young women in leadership and life skills through soccer. Our programs focus on three main areas:  skill development through soccer training and competitive play,  leadership training through our junior coaches and career mentoring programs, andcharacter building through our community service initiatives both at home and abroad. To date, we have over 200 girls in our programs from various socio-economic backgrounds and ages.

 General Responsibilities

1. Program Support: Attend and help plan Girls Leading Girls coach trainings and professional development sessions, usually 2-4 per season. Lead recreational team soccer sessions weekly following the GLG curriculum. Assist with coach recruitment, training, managing.

2. Administrative Support: Send weekly team emails, confirm player and coach attendance each week, help with registration, and general administrative support. Sort, label, and give out coach equipment as well as collect at end of season.

3. Event Support: Help plan and attend GLG events throughout the year with ED. Attend league meetings and networking events to represent GLG.

Qualifications: Comfortable working with children ages 7-16, parents and coaches. Must have strong verbal and interpersonal communication skills; must be organized, patient, reliable, and able to multitask. Taking initiative is required in this role. Skills in social media, excel Google apps are required.

Training: Sign up and complete the F & E coaching courses as well as the league coaching required certifications, on-going curriculum and soccer training provided.

Compensation: Pay range from $20,000-$25,000 annual salary for 20 hours a week part-time hours. GLG will cover the cost of any coaching licenses successfully completed. Possible promotion and/or pay increase at the end of one year term based on performance.

To Apply: Please e-mail Brianna Russell your resume and cover letter:

Professional Level: Entry level

Part-time Coach

3-7 hours a week coaching a team of girls Monday-Friday practice and one game on the weekends in San Francisco.

Email your resume and cover letter to

Join us on June 17th, 2017 for a Girls Soccer & Leadership Jamboree!

June 17, 2017 Soccer Jamboree!

Parents, daughters, sons, adults, friends, siblings, join us on June 17, 2017 for a fun Soccer Jamboree!

This Jamboree is hosted by Girls Leading Girls and Siena Clark, our Lead High School Junior Coach as a fundraiser to bring community members together for a fun day of soccer games, activities, and prizes!

Where: Beach Chalet Soccer Field #1 in Golden Gate Park, SF

Time: 10:30am-2:00pm

Cost: Suggested donation per participant of $15-$30

Who can participate? Parents, siblings, girls.

Fun game stations with prizes, a mini-tournament for your gender/age group with at least two short games that day, and cool vendors like Jamba Juice & Muscle Milk!

Teams: 7-10 players per team, based on registration we will mix teams together or play small sided games. Register as an individual, you can include your team name if you have a team already. If you don't have a team we will add you to one in your age and gender group!

Please indicate each participants age, name, and preference for team placement. 

If you’re interested in volunteering please email your host- Siena Clark at

Adult Participant/Parent Name *
Adult Participant/Parent Name
Please list the names and ages of each participant. i.e. Dad-Joe Smith 55, Daughter-Maria Smith 10
Please indicate if you or your daughter has a preference for a team or group of people to play with.
Please indicate your suggested donation payment process for each participant.

Shout Outs

Girls Leading Girls & SF Sol FC Soccer Program

By Natasha Scott, 8th grader at Zion Lutheran, on the SF Sol Warriors 03 Gold Travel team

Shout outs are something that Sol does as a team at the end of each practice and game. It is when all the players have a chance to compliment their team mates about their hard work. I think that shout outs are a great way to notice everyone's hard work and effort. Because games and practices can leave the team disappointed and frustrated at times, it can be hard to channel that in a positive way. Shout outs are a way to do that though and be encouraging to your team mates. When you notice and comment on your team mate's effort and hard work they are giving to the team, it can mean a lot. When I joined Sol 2 seasons ago I thought one of the coolest things were shout outs and the type of environment it makes. Everyone is so kind, fun, and positive toward one another. The soccer team I came from before Sol was a great team but honestly not very kind toward each other. So I thought this was so amazing and a super smart idea. For this reason I told my basketball coach at my school what shout outs were and suggested that the basketball team do it at the end of each practice and game too. She loved the idea and now we do it at basketball all the time. I truly do think that it has brought the team together more and made everyone a little more kind. With shout outs no one leaves the field (or court) mad at each other. Instead we remember how hard we all worked and that any mistakes made will help us in the future. Shout outs have changed the way I play soccer, and I think I could easily say it has changed many of my team mates.